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A teenager brought an explosive device to the Federal Security Service’s (FSB) Directorate for the Arkhangelsk Region and was killed in the explosion, the Russian Investigative Committee reported.

The explosion occurred at 08:52 Moscow time near an entrance to the FSB directorate. “According to preliminary information, a 17-year-old local was killed, who had brought a home-made explosive device into the building. The teenager was identified,” the Investigative Committee reported.

Three FSB directorate employees were injured in the explosion. Investigators and forensic specialists from the Investigative Committee are working on the site. Witnesses are being questioned, and the necessary expert investigations were commissioned.

“A criminal case was launched under Section 205 ‘Terror attack’ and Part 1 Section 222 ‘Illegal wearing of munitions’ of the Russian Criminal Code based on the explosion in the building in Arkhangelsk,” the Investigative Committee said in the report. TASS

The Information Center of the National Anti-Terrorism Committee earlier reported that, “according to preliminary information, the person who entered the building took an unidentified object out of his bag, which exploded in his hands some time later, inflicting him fatal injuries.”


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